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You see a lot of people who want to participate in activities and the following common phrases you’ve heard more than enough; there is a event recently but I was aware of it late (or was not aware). I wish I had news earlier then I would join for sure. One of the aim of establishing this portal is to make easier to follow “environmental activities”.


So, to participate in activities (to follow) why is it important? The basis of most of the problems currently experienced in “wrong steps taken in good faith” are located. Today’s most important and sensitive issue is “environment”. The something needs to be done urgently to prevent these false steps! Because there are a great dilemma between “the environment” and “human”. There is no one says, “I don’t like the environment or I don’t care environment are soiled” and you don’t never heard it. But there is a world to quickly running out of resources and has access to clean water is becoming a luxury! Most important and fastest way to resolve this dilemma is to inform the people. Learned any new information most of times will raise questions in minds, it should be. The solution is actually hidden in this details…

There is another world we live in. States, laws and institutions cannot protect to the world! But we can… We can change institutions laws and states by get to be conscious (get to be informed)! On the basis of consciousness in general to participate “green events”. This valuable knowledge of are transmitted those around quick and easy way by experts that worked for years in their field. This information which transferred can be quickly convert bad going…

If you want to say like us to stop this bad going, participating in activities you can increase the number of these activities. You can follow “green events” to be informed of events…

CLICK HERE to see the environmental events!

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