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Did you know;

    • 25,000 people that die every day from unhealthy water in the world,

    • the detergent molecules in the human body does not disappear for 400 years,

    • naturally in our country 120 mammal, 440 bird, 13 reptile, mammal, 350 species of fish lives, 46 birds, 8 species of reptiles are faced with the extinction,

    • to produce a dollop of butter that needs 400 liters of water,

    • of a large beech tree were meet the needs of oxygen of 72 people in one day,

    • wetlands is the most productive regions of the world in terms of biodiversity and wetlands in our country that 56 of is international,

    • the water in the world that 1% of the available water

    • waste taken to the nature are paint and paint products that 60%

    • 3.7 liter gasoline can contaminate approximately 3 million liters of drinking water

    • a glass bottle 4,000 years, plastic 1,000 years, gum 5 years, the beer cans 10-100 years, cigarette filters 2 years don’t disappear,

    • 9,000 plants species are found naturally in our country, 3,000 species that are unique,

    • animal species living in our country 15 times more than the number of animal species inhabiting the entire European continent,

    • third of the land in our country is under the influence of both water and wind erosion and our annual 11 cm thick and the size of the Island of Cyprus island land disappears,

    • when a tonne of white paper recycled 16 pine tree, when a tonne of newsprint recycled 8 units pine trees would be avoided to cut down,

    • recycling for every ton of glass saves about 100 liters of oil,

    • that our country made unnecessary correspondence about 1 million tons paper per year,

    • the letters that people send to each other 44% of them does not written,

    • only 100,000 families if stop the unnecessary correspondence, 150,000 trees would be saved from being cut down each year,

    • 8 months of a person’s life is spent for opening envelope to unnecessary correspondence,

    • about 550 liters of water is wasted when you wash your car with a hose,

    • a office personnel wastes 81 kilos high quality paper per a year,

    • 24 million hectares of land get desertificated in the last 3-4 years,

    • the Earth’s surface of 6% has desertification , it is also the way of desertification of 29%

    • 250 thousand attendes every day the world’s population,each year 93 million people

    • two of the world’s major bird migration routes that passed through Anatolia,

    • people that have a direct influence on the formation of these environmental problems and solutions…

Source: Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning of Turkey & Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning of Turkey

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