Bridge Together with Nature Istanbul 2020

Date:Oct 14, 2014


The spirit of Olympism that exists in our country, Turkey’s place as the second among the countries that are candidates for the Olympics, to discuss the reasons for our standing in line, to discuss sustainable development and livable cities in the light of the 2020 candidacy process with young people and decision makers at the same table, we implemented  the project “Bridge Together with Nature Istanbul 2020 – Let’s Build Bridges with Nature Istanbul 2020” in Istanbul between 23-27 October 2013 with the participation of 120 young people and decision makers from different cities.

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Throughout the project;

  • It is a limited point of view to consider sustainable development and livable city models only in the context of the Olympics and to gain a vision by developing new ideas and seeing successful practices with the participants about what activities should be undertaken to strengthen Istanbul’s image as a world city independent of the Olympics,
  • What should be done about the environment in order to make Istanbul a more sustainable and livable city within the scope of the Istanbul 2020 process and the vision of respect for the environment, where should young people be in this process, working together to develop new ideas, and trying to create a citizen-based perspective by addressing the concept of governance,

Have been targeted.

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