Greenlight For Employment!

Date:Jan 30, 2017

Project No: 2015-1-TR01-KA347-014720

Venue: Kuşadası

Dates: 5 – 10 April 2016


According to a research which covers the world in 2014 by UN Economic and Social Development Agency, the biggest problem of young people around the world is unemployment. This situation is also presented in our country by regular researches made by TSI (Turkish Statistical Institute). While general unemployment rates are about 10 %, this situation is around 18-20 % for young people.The word “rate” is deliberately used in here.Decision makers, policy makers, cso representatives, experts and academiciansin our country constantly use the word “rate” while talking about this matter. But, unfortunately, it is not adequately discussed about how young people socially and psychologically are, which difficulties they encounter in their life, to what extent unemployment affects their life and what should be made about it which those are “generally” essentials of these rates, and solutions are not offered. All of these causes that hundreds of thousands people, who are hopeless for future,“unhappily” spend their life. As an association which is full of and founded by young people, we are directly affected from “unemployment” problem like all young people in our country. Until today some ofhundreds of little/big projects related to young unemployment which were run by public institutes, civil society organizations, universities and private sectors have been successful and an important part has been ended up with failure. By force of 21th century necessity of innovative approach, different perspective and creating alternatives comes front in all projects. Success possibility of projects, which are run in this way, is much higher that it is seen by researches.

As GEO – Global Environment Organization we support this approach and set our all projects in the base of this three trivets. From this point of view, we created the project named “Green Light for Employment” in order to produce alternative about young unemployment in our country, to provide different employment areas for young people, and to providea leadership for growth and development with respect to nature by depending these employment areas, which will be created, on the base of sustainable development. Our aims in the project are; to create new employment areas for young people in order to reduce young unemployment in our country, and to create new alternative for young people in the employment area by meeting young people with “green career” concept which is rapidly increasing and we will see asbigger employment area. 91 unemployed young people, decision makers, academicians, cso leaders from different places of our country  attent the project which we organize as Global Environment Organization – GEO. It was implemented between 5- 10 April in Kusadasi, Aydin where is a city which is the leading one in the area of Green Employment of Turkey.