Ground Guide

Date:Jan 05, 2015


Turkey is the one of the OECF countries that has the highest population increase rate. This situation also shows that our country will face environmental problems as today.Thus our project named “Ground Guide” aims to step for our future by contributing in raising children who have sustainable environment awareness for livable World in future, correlating with college students, teachers and children with disadvantage.


With project education module named “Ground Guide” applied in primary schools will be prepared by volunteer young people with teachers’ guide. There will be brochure, education plans, games, animation films and dvd devoted to practical module include “Global Warming, Bio-diversity, Sustainable Development and Respectful Children for Nature” subjects.After “Ground Protector” education 20 volunteer young people will give children practical education about main subjects in company with “Ground Teachers” in project schools, organize outdoor activities, tours, be in on awareness studies by making animation and short films.With the meeting “Ground Teachers Meet” 14 teachers from 7 area of our country will be introduced out Project and given interior education, provide dissemination in local areas and their own schools. Integrate works will be done by sharing the results of the project with MEB and GSB. Project has been going on.