Heros of the Nature in İda!

Date:Jan 30, 2017

Project No: 2016-1-TR01-KA105-027681

Venue: Edremit / Kaz Dağları

Dates: 4 – 10 May 2017

Partner Countries: Turkey, Germany, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia

Environment problem which is one of the main problems of World and Europe is a threatening situation for an unhealthy environment and daily life. Billions of people in World and millions of people in Europe suffer from the same situation. Environment is a human right if we consider the living in healthy environment, the benefit from main nature services are the most natural right.In our country almost any individual has no awareness that they have a right to say something on environmental decisions which concern themselves and to attend the decisions.We encounter many examples in many regions.

With this project named “Heros of the Nature in İda” 32 young from 7 countries will attend to this mobility of youth workers  as a result of using environment as learning means and theme by using participant approach, involvement, and dynamisms of young for this process.As we see in activities, we will try to reach our plans that (STK Visits, outdoor activities, peer education model, workshops etc.) create awareness, improve international collaboration, inform much more people with multiplier effect, make them more active citizenship, contribute on making hem internalize the learning and learning process by using various methods.