International Green Career Summit

Date:Sep 01, 2017

One of the most important ways to create new employment alternatives is to develop and implement an innovative perspective that can create different employment areas.

Our project aim is to contribute to the emergence of new and alternative employment opportunities for young people in this area by encouraging the transition to a green economy that will contribute to sustainable development. In this context, we aimed to examine and transfer international good examples. As a result, we created a draft called “Sustainable Development-Based Youth Employment Development Plan” that will involve academics, civil society representatives, private sector representatives, experts, decision-makers and young people who will serve this purpose with broad perspectives.

Our project, which coincides with the objectives of structured dialogue projects, has brought together young people and decision makers on international basis. In addition, we have proposed to develop an alternative policy to address the youth unemployment problem, which is one of the main priorities of the programme, with an inclusive perspective on universities, NGOs and the private sector. As a result, it is aimed to make an impact on decision-makers and make a policy that will be launched nationally to be contributed after the project.