International Green Entrepreneurship and Employment Center

Date:Sep 06, 2017

A Green/Eco Initiative Centre (EGIMER) has been established within the scope of our project. This green initiative will serve as a central network and it has been the center of consulting, training, business development activities. This center has brought together the staff and external independent experts, NGO employees, investors, academicians and entrepreneurial candidates and has been active in various fields such as brainstorming workshops, collaborators, workshops, educational activities and consultancy services.

Our center is an application center where good practices will be transferred from Europe and the world. It has provided training and orientation services that will serve as a bridge between green business sectors and young people.

In order to achieve all these goals, 5 institutions from Turkey, Hungary, Greece and Lithuania carried out various international and local activities for 24 months. To get detailed information about our project and to follow the latest developments you can use this address, and our social media accounts.