International Green Entrepreneurship Ideas Contest

Date:Jun 17, 2020

Creating an employment center that prioritizes sustainability and environmental sensitivity, plays a facilitator role in the matter of catching up with the transformation of the industry and information era, providing a networking platform and a consultancy in the matter of current green employment opportunities as well as green entrepreneurship will be the tools on our way to achieve our project’ goals. Within our project an International Green Entrepreneurship and Innovative Employment Center (IGEC) will be built. This green enterprise center will work as a network and be a center of consultancy, education, business development activities. By bringing staff that will work within the center, independent experts, NGO workers, investors, academicians and entrepreneur candidates together this canter will hold some activities such as; idea workshops, joint study grounds, workshops, education activities and consultancy service. Besides this center, 4 different outputs will produce in cooperation with 4 different partners from 4 different countries (Turkey, Hungary, Lithuania, Greece). In addition to intellectual outputs, international meetings, training and learning activities, dissemination activities and study visits will take place. Project design base on non-formal learing methods and tools by targeting youth’ needs and problems by using ICT tools for 24 months.

International Green Entrepreneurship Ideas Contest Results

First of all, we would like to thank you for your interest and confidence in the International Green Entrepreneurship Ideas Contest organized within the scope of our project. All of the online applications we have received have been carefully and thoroughly evaluated.


  1. Tarlamvar: (Turkey) It is an initiative to reduce inefficiency in the supply chain of agricultural products by connecting the individual consumer to the farmer.
  2. Car4Future: (Turkey) It is a mobile application and network that allows electric vehicle users to find charging stations within a network prepared with blockchain technology, and charging unit owners to share and book their stations to generate revenue.
  3. The Snack Haus: (Turkey) It is high nutritional value foods, without losing their nutritional value, shape, color, smell, taste and volume completely by preserving 30 years without any additives.
  4. Toplio: (Turkey) It is a mobile e-waste market place and reverse logistics platform that brings together the electronic waste generation and licensed e-waste collection-separation individuals and recycling facilities at home or at work and allows its stakeholders to gain, save and donate.
  5. Pulsec: (Turkey) It collects discarded electronic waste and convert it into functional, aesthetic or programmable products within the scope of Corporate Social Responsibility and education curriculum.
  6. Bluedot: (Turkey) It is the market place where electric car users can reach the charger, make reservations and payments, and where charger owners can generate income through the sharing economy.
  7. Paksumatik: (Turkey) It is using artificial intelligence to detect dangerous bacteria and harmful particles in water.
  8. Avus: (Turkey) The idea of an initiative that offers solutions to the problems of early turn-on and late cturn off of street lighting.
  9. Survival Window for Plants: (Lithuania) for abandoned and thrown away plants
  10. Bad Food Hunters: (Lithuania) Vegan meat
  11. Phototherma Hybrid Solar Panel: (Turkey) It includes a hybrid solar panel that provides electricity generation from both light and heat of The Sun and can remove snow during snowy periods.
  12. UNIQ: (Turkey) UNIQ is a sustainable fashion initiative that has made it a philosophy to produce clothes that do not harm nature, the health of consumers and the dignity and social life of working people in order to reduce the ecological and social harm caused by fast fashion.
  13. OTTO: (Turkey) development of 100% water saving vehicle cleaning technologies.

14. Vállalkozás: (Hungary) Initiative