National Volunteer Environment Movement

Date:Jan 05, 2015


National Volunteer Environment Movement! Project aims that young volunteer people in Turkey should be interested environmental problems in their area and countries and make a move for solution and be in on nationally decision periods.


There will be a debate about environmental problems of  areas with workshops for 1 day in company with experts that will be performed in 7 areas of Turkey (Mardin, Van, Hatay, Trabzon, Çankırı, Bursa, Edirne), generating an idea and local reports will be formed. The creator consciousness raising activities will be operated in order to draw attention of city public on local environmental problems in workshops include outdoor activities. At the end of these workshops “National Volunteer Environment Movement Summit” will be organized with volunteer young people from 81 cities from Turkey that include 3 days and 2 nights in Istanbul.In this summit, presentations of local problems and works will be nationally shared,policies devoted to solution of problems in company with experts in workshop studies, and studies will be performed for Young’s Involvement Report for National Environment Policies and Preparing of Action Plan. And report will be shared with decision makers and public opinion, produced action plan will be applied in Global Environment Organization by volunteers. Project has been going on.