We Defend The Right To A Livable Environment

Date:Oct 14, 2014


In February 18-19, 2014 and February 22-23, 2014, this training program was prepared and carried out by GEO (Global Environment Organization) with the support of the Think Civil EU programme.


It is a training program where the NGOs and individuals in different provinces operating on “environmental rights and living in a healthy environment”, which is one of the fundamental rights of individuals, are aware of these rights in their activities and develop their capacity to reach their target groups in an efficient way.

The topics discussed during the two-day training are as follows:;

* What is advocacy, legal framework and legitimacy of activities
* Advocacy approaches and key features
* Advocacy strategy and planning
* Communication strategy
* Case studies and applications

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It is planned for local, national and international level representatives of civil society organizations that operate in fields related to nature and environment and relevant working individuals who want hold the curiosity and want to work in this field.

A participant-centered, non-formal learning model was used in the two-day training program. The training content includes enhanced interactive workshops, group dynamics, simulations and role play activities.

The instructor staff is composed of people who have been active in non-formal education and environmental/ecology issues for a long time and are experienced in their field.

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